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The Fringe continues to grow

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Just an update on where The Fringe is at since I have not posted a new article in a while; We have continued to grow in membership the past month since we started the guild. We are not quite at our ultimate goal of owning our own hamlet/city but we are well on our way. The new members have fit into The Fringe very well and we are excited to have them. Lots have already recieved promotions and are really stepping up and helping the guild as a whole continue to progress.

Dark fall is a great game and we are all having a lto of fun beating up on people. Game mechanics have prevented us from getting our hamlet so easily. It takes a lot to take one and then even more to keep one. Sadly the only reason we do not have one today is because we were not on the first day of the server to claim one. We will take one from someone coming up here soon though.

We have co-Founded the Cerberus alliance with our friends in Firepaw Tribe and Dogs of War. We are excited about this new alliance and we hope to take it to new heights!

Anyways just thought I would update anyone on the outside looking in!



The Fringe get it's guild up in DF!

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Just an update we have started our guild up in Darkfall now.

We have about 25 members right now and lots of new faces which is good. If you are just joining and want a close friend or relative to join send them over here. The best recruits are friends of friends IMO.

I want to say thanks to everyone for working so hard to get the guild started and get new recruits. Now lets work hard to get us a hamlet. It is looking like we might have to take it from somebody so we will have to fine toon our PvP skills.




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